Client : ITV
Date : December 2008
Tech : Flash, AS3
Role : Lead Game Developer
Team : Jamie Brooker, Nick Sidhu, Tom Painter, Johan Brand, Graeme Rutherford

This game was built for ITV’s Demons television series. The game takes the Demons story and characters and places them into an online adventure game.

The aim of the game is to find, smite and capture the Half Lives that hide on the streets of London.

The player navigates their way through the streets, rendered in isometric view, until they find a Half Life. Once found, they are taken into a side on fighting game. If they survive, they can boost their energy with instant energy boosts or by answering questions littered around the streets. There are seven different Half Life characters with individual special moves. The Half Lives combine in successively more difficult groups as the player moves up the levels.

Once registered the player can build up a collection of Half Lives. The points gained when beating each Half Life adds to the players total score, which then defines their position on the scoreboard.

Players can also compete with friends by sending a Half Life card, with their score.

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