Robin Hood

Client : BBC
Date : September 2006
Tech : Flash, AS2
Role : Concept design and Flash build.
Team : Angus Mackinnon, Jason Arber, Alex Amelines, Nick Sidhu, Katie Dent

This serise of six games accompanied the launch of the BBC’s Robin Hood series. The games were released sequentially over the first 6 episodes. I built the games for Marian, Much and The Sheriff, with co-developer Nick Sidhu who worked on the other three fantastic games.

The Marian game mechanic falls into the rhythm and dance game genre, Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers or a medieval Guitar Hero. In the game you play as Marian trying to lull the guards to sleep with your flute playing. If you hit the arrows at the correct time you play notes along with the backing track, but if you miss you play a bum-note and wake the guard. The aim of the game is to get past all 3 guards to get to the strongroom.

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